Excursion Tip in Thailand: Daytour to the Ang Thong National Marine Park

Excursion Tip in Thailand: Daytour to the Ang Thong National Marine Park

As a traveler I find it very important to explore the area where you’re at and not only staying at the hotel the entire time. Many five star hotels have the “disadvantage” that the resort offers so much that you basically don’t need to leave the hotel at all 😀 Nevertheless, I believe you cannot say “I visited Thailand” if you’ve never seen anything else besides the hotel 😛 Therefore, we did many excursions in Thailand because the area is just made to be explored via boat 🙂

Our best excursion was the day trip to Ang Thong National Marine Park which we started from Koh Samui. Today I wanna tell you a bit more about it:

Our tour started at 8am where we got picked up at the hotel via bus. The driver brought us to a collecting point where we received a small breakfast. I can recommend you though to already eat something at the hotel because the breakfast there wasn’t that great 😀

Approximately half an hour later our tour finally started: We first drove around one hour via speedboat to reach our first stop:

1) Laguna for Snorkling

We first were able to snorkle in a beautiful laguna. The bay where the boat stopped was really stunning! Inititally we were the only ones there. Later many boats arrived so we just took off again. We were able to see many beautiful and colorful fish there and the water was also really clear, perfect conditions to go snorkling 🙂 The entire equipment was provided by the tour provider. Hence, we didn’t need to buy any equipment ourselves.

2) Laguna for Hiking

Our second stop was a beach where we could get active again: From there we hiked up to see a truly turquoise laguna. Unfortunately the beach was very touristy. Nevertheless, the laguna was beautiful and the panorama was definitely worth the hike 🙂

3) Kayaking

After visiting the turquoise laguna we took the boat again to drive out to another bay which was almost empty. There, kayaks were already waiting for us and we took them to go through caves, lagunas etc. The kayak tour lasted for around an hour. It was not only a great workout but also offered a great chance to explore the breath-taking area of Ang Thong National Marine Park 🙂

4) Main Island of Ang Thong National Marine Park

After kayaking we were really hungry. Hence, we took the speedboat again to drive to the main island of Ang Thong National Park. A nice lunch was already waiting for us there. After lunch we had approximately two hours of free time. We decided to first have a look at the beach and then go hiking up to the viewpoint or rather go rock climbing 😛 Due to the heat and the quite steep hike I need to admit it wasn’t easy for me. However, we made it to the top and the view from up there was really breath-taking and definitely worth the effort 😛 I thought it was great that the hike was divided into five sections. After every section there was a view point. Hence, you could reach several stage goals which made everything a bit more bearable 😛

After these two hours we drove back again to Koh Samui via speedboat. Our first stop was the collecting point, the second stop was home at the hotel. At the end of the day we were really exhausted because the tour was quite strenuous. Nevertheless, it was also tons of fun and our pictures and videos from there were the best reward 🙂

For this excursions we paid only around 50€ per person including food, boat, drinks etc. which was totally justified. You definitely should be more of the sporty type to do this tour but for all fitness and outdoor fans it is definitely recommendable 🙂

Have you ever been to Thailand? And if so: Did you do any excursions there?




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