My Inaugural Flight to Seychelles with Qatar Airways

My Inaugural Flight to Seychelles with Qatar Airways

This year I was so lucky to visit Seychelles even twice. The first time was beginning of this year (which was actually my first time in Seychelles ever) and the second time in December. I was the only German Blogger invited by Qatar Airways to be on their Inaugural Flight from to Doha to Seychelles. This was was an incredible experience because I’ve never been on any inaugural flight and it was really like you would imagine: We were even welcomed with water fountains and had the most incredible weather upon arrival in Mahé 😀

The flight itself was not only exciting but also totally comfortable! This was firstly related to the fact that I was able to fly in Business Class and Qatar Airways being one of my absolute favorite airlines. And secondly because the flight was really short. From Doha it only takes around 4 hours to fly to Seychelles. Before I flew (also with Qatar Airways) from Munich to Doha. Also this flight was really comfortable. I always find it quite convenient having two short flights instead of one long one so I can walk around in between flights a little bit. Furthermore, Doha Airport is a really nice airport and I always enjoy being there 🙂


On Seychelles I spent five really nice days with other great journalists and bloggers from around the world. I need to give a huge Thank You also to Seychelles Tourism Board who organized together with Qatar Airways some really cool excursions for us. Among others some of us were able to explore Seychelles via helicopter for instance. Even though I would have loved to be the pilot myself this was a huge highlight to me! Although all of my Business Class flights with Qatar Airways were also amazing and I would fly with them again anytime 🙂

Have you ever been to Seychelles? Or have you ever flown with Qatar Airways?



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