How many flights did you have in 2016?

How many flights did you have in 2016?

Hi lovelies,

2016 was a very eventful year to me. It was also the year where I traveled most. This was firstly related to the fact that beginning of the year I became single (I’m happily taken now) and secondly that my blog has become so successful that I received more and more travel offers. For this I mostly need to thank YOU guys because without you this would have never been possible 🙂

I just counted all of my flights the past year and a remarkable number was the result (find out below which one it is) 😉 Which number would you have figured?

My Flights in 2016 were the following:

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February 2016:

1) Frankfurt – Las Vegas: Condor (read my Airline Review about Condor’s Premium Economy Class here)

2) Las Vegas – Honolulu: Allegiant Airlines (read my Airline Review about Allegiant Airlines here)

3) Honolulu – Maui: Island Air

4) Maui – Honolulu: Island Air

5) Honolulu – Guam: United Airlines

6) Guam – Manila: United Airlines

7) Manila – Sangat Dive Resort (Palawan): Air Juan

8) Huma Island Resort (Palawan) – Manila: Air Juan

9) Manila – Taipeh: China Airlines

10) Taipeh – Frankfurt: China Airlines


March 2016

11) Frankfurt – London: Lufthansa

12) London – Los Angeles: Air New Zealand (read my Airline-Review about Air New Zealand here)

13) Los Angeles – Auckland: Air New Zealand

14) Auckland – Nelson: Air New Zealand

15) Christchurch – Queenstown: Air New Zealand

16) Queenstown – Milford Sound: Air Milford

17) Milford Sound – Queenstown: Air Milford

18) Queenstown – Auckland: Air New Zealand

19) Auckland – Los Angeles: Air New Zealand

20) Los Angeles – London: Air New Zealand

21) London – Frankfurt: Lufthansa

April 2016:

22) Munich – Rome: Alitalia

23) Rome – Sicily: Alitalia

24) Sicily – Rome: Alitalia

25) Rome – Munich: Alitalia

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May 2016:

26) Munich – Dusseldorf: Air Berlin

27) Munich – Hongkong: Cathay Pacific (read my Airline Review about Cathay Pacific here)

28) Hongkong – Makasar: Geruda Airlines

29) Makasar – Bali: Geruda Airlines

30) Bali – Hongkong: Cathay Pacific

31) Hongkong – Munich: Cathay Pacific

32) Frankfurt – Seychelles: Condor (read my Airline Review about Condor’s Business Class here)

June 2016:

33) Seychelles – Frankfurt: Condor

34) Frankfurt – Barcelona: Vueling

35) Barcelona – Munich: Vueling

36) Munich – Paris: Air France

37) Paris – Ibiza: Vueling

38) Ibiza – Barcelona: Vueling

July 2016:

39) Barcelona – Munich: Vueling

40) Munich – London: British Airways (read my Airline Review about British Airways’ Business Class here)

41) London – NYC: British Airways

42) NYC – London: British Airways

43) London – Munich: British Airways

44) Munich – Barcelona: Vueling

45) Barcelona – Ibiza: Vueling

46) Ibiza – Munich: Condor

47) Munich – Zurich: SWISS Airlines

48) Zurich – Paris: SWISS Airlines

49) Paris – Munich: Lufthansa

August 2016:

50) Frankfurt – New York: Delta Airlines

51) New York – Frankfurt: Delta Airlines

52) Zurich – Istanbul: Turkish Airlines

53) Istanbul – Cappadocia: Turkish Airlines

54) Cappadocia – Antalya: Turkish Airlines

55) Antalya – Frankfurt: Condor

September 2016:

56) Munich – Istanbul: Turkish Airlines (read my Airline Review about Turkish Airlines’ Business Class here)

57) Istanbul – Mauritius: Turkish Airlines

58) Mauritius – Istanbul: Turkish Airlines

59) Istanbul – München: Turkish Airlines

October 2016:

60) Munich – Sabiha Gokcen: Turkish Airlines

61) Sabiha Gokcen – Dalaman: Turkish Airlines

62) Dalaman – Instanbul: Turkish Airlines

63) Instanbul – Athens: Turkish Airlines

64) Athens – Mykonos: Olympic Air

65) Santorini – Athens: Aegan Airlines

66) Athen – Zakynthos: Aegan Airlines

67) Zakynthos – Athen: Olympic Air

68) Athen – Belgrad: Air Serbia

69) Belgrad – Frankfurt: Air Serbia


70) Frankfurt – Doha: Qatar Airways (hier könnt ihr meinen Airline-Review über Qatar Airways in der Business Class lesen)

71) Doha – Kapstadt: Qatar Airways

72) Kapstadt – Doha: Qatar Airways

73) Doha – Abu Dhabi: Etihad Airways

74) Abu Dhabi – Mumbai: Etihad Airways

75) Mumbai – Delhi: IndiGo

76) Delhi – Paris: Air France

77) Paris – Florence: Air France

78) Florence – Munich: Air Dolomiti

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79) Frankfurt – Abu Dhabi: Etihad Airways

80) Abu Dhabi – Frankfurt: Etihad Airways

81) Munich – Doha: Qatar Airways

86) Doha – Seychelles: Qatar Airways

87) Mahé – Praslin: Air Seychelles

88) Mahé – Mahé: Heli Seychelles

89) Seychelles – Doha: Qatar Airways

90) Doha – Frankfurt: Qatar Airways

91) Frankfurt – Dubai: Emirates Airlines

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Overall I had a total of 91 Flights the past year (the ones I did are not even included) 😉 If I hadn’t gotte sick last December lying in bed with antibiotics and a high fewer I probably would have reached 100 flights 😀 Unfortunately I had to cancel an amazing trip to the Caribbeans. But of course your health comes first. Therefore, in 2017 I probably won’t fly as much as I did last year. However, I’m extremely thankful for the tons of amazing trips and experiences I got to enjoy the past year 🙂 And I’m also very much looking forward to our next trip on Thursday: Malaysia and Thailand. Your travel tips are very welcome 🙂

What is your favorite airline btw?



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