Which places have you already visited in the world?

Which places have you already visited in the world?

“Which places have you already visited in the world?” is a question I get asked most often. Honestly, I’ve never counted so here is a map with the countries I’ve already seen (I just updated the list):


  • South Africa (Cape Town)

06 Kapstadt


  • Maldives
  • Philippines
  • Thailand (Phuket)
  • United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi)

09 Thailand Kopie


  • Denmark (Copenhagen)
  • Germany
  • France (Paris)
  • Greece (Santorini)
  • Ireland (Dublin)
  • Italy (Tuscany & Lago di Garda)
  • Luxemburg
  • Montenegro
  • Netherlands (Amsterdam)
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Spain (Barcelona & La Manga del Mar Menor)
  • Czech Republic (Prague)
  • Hungary (Budapest)
  • United Kingdom (England)

08 Barcelona

North America

  • Bahamas
  • USA (Hawaii, New York, Arizona, Texas, California etc.)


South America

  • Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)

07 Rio de Janeiro


  • New Zealand


Overall I’ve been to 24 countries and six continents. One continent (Antarctica) is still missing 😉 According Travel Map I’ve only seen 9,6% of the world. Hence, there is still a lot of travel potential 😀

How much have you already seen of the world and which destination do you really wanna visit? Read about my travel bucket list here.



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