My Drone – Review + many cool Captures

My Drone – Review + many cool Captures

Hi lovelies,

I’ve posted lots of drone shots lately. Because I always receive tons of questions about it I decided to write a detailed review for you guys. Besides that I will mention what things you need to pay attention to while buying a drone or while filming with it.


We filmed the following videos with the drone:

My drone is a DJI Phantom 3 Professional. This one is it. At the moment it “only” costs 1.199€ including camera and equipment.I ordered it on the official DJI page. Shipping only takes 2 days and I didn’t need to pay taxes or fees 🙂


There is also a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced. It’s not as good as the Professional but it is a bit cheaper. I’ve been saving money for along time and never regretted making the investment. Some things just look most beautiful from above 🙂


DJI is an amazing model for starters. You can mount a GoPro below it. But even better is the camera that comes along with the drone. The shots are even better than with a good camera. You can both take pictures and videos with a drone. Most of the times we take videos and later do some screenshots. This way we are able capturing the right moment and also having amazing video footage. The quality of the screenshots is good enough. All drone photos on my blog are only screenshots 😀 If you use the VLC player to do them the quality will be great.


You also should think about how to transport the drone, especially in the airplane. We for instance bought a good hardcase backpack so we can easily store the drone in the handluggage department.

My friend Ryan inspired me to buy the drone because we took some amazing footage together while in Hawaii 🙂

IMG_2901 (1)

There are a few things you should pay attention to having a drone: Never fly over a big group of people or close to an airport, in some countries (such as the Maldives) you will need an entry permit for the drone, and you should have a look at the weather conditions before flying the drone. The drone doesn’t like rain or strong wind 😛 If you pay attention to those things you will have tons of fun with it 🙂


Here you can find a few moments that we’ve captured with the drone.


Do you own a drone or have you ever thought about getting one? I’m a huge fan of mine and plan on getting the new DJI Phantom 4 soon! Of course I will also write a review about it when I have tested it thoroughly 🙂



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