SUMMER PROMO: 8 Days Palawan Experience – Review + Discount Code

SUMMER PROMO: 8 Days Palawan Experience – Review + Discount Code

Hi lovelies,

I just updated this blog post as the tour provider currently has a SUMMER PROMO for you guys where you save lots of money on the final price 😀


back in Germany I finally have time to write a detailed review about 8 Days Palawan Experience for you guys. “Arguably the best 8 days of your life!” This saying made us curious about the program 😀 After our trip I can say that the past days might not have been the best 8 days of my life but definitely some of the best days of my life 😀

Here you can watch my Follow Me Around Palawan Video 🙂

vlcsnap-2016-02-21-10h34m41s789 (1)

The program combines luxury travel with activities. Hence, it is perfect for people like myself 🙂 I find it especially great that the trip is very individual. Not only is Palawan really untouched and beautiful, you can also get designed your entire trip totally individually. For instance we were asked beforehand what we would like to do during those 8 days: e.g. scuba diving, jet skiing, rock climbing etc. Our trip then got designed entirely according to our interests 🙂

vlcsnap-2016-02-21-10h34m24s165 (1)

I didn’t know Palawan before I came here (I haven’t even heard of it) 😛 When I googled “Palawan” back then I told my boyfriend: “We need to go there, no matter what!” After our trip I can say that pictures cannot even express how tropical and stunning Palawan really is 😀


Palawan is extremely untouched and beautiful! 8 Days Palawan Experience is focused on showing you non tourist places. Hence, you mainly visit islands that are toally undiscovered without or only a few tourists. Therefore you cannot compare this trip to a vacation in the Maldives as Palawan is a much more tropical place 🙂


You can choose beetween the following accomodations during your 8 Days Palawan Experience:

1) Sangat Island Dive Resort


You will spend 3 nights in this beautiful resort which has been rated on Tripadviser with excellent. For a reason as this resort (with a European management) is really wonderfully managed 🙂

IMG_0058 IMG_0059

You sleep in beach cottages directly at the beach including your own shower, bathroom etc.

IMG_4987 IMG_0054 IMG_0053

Besides that you have full pension in the hotel and the food at Sangat Island Dive Resort is really yummy and healthy 🙂


As a welcome you receive fresh coconut water 😀

IMG_0064 IMG_0061

There are many activities possible on the island such as scuba diving, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding etc.


When you’re there you will even get one free massage per person which you can either have in your own villa or directly at the beach along with the sound of the ocean 😀


We really enjoyed staying at Sangat Island Dive Resort. Hence, I can totally recommend this beautiful resort 🙂


2) Optional: Tree House Resort


You can spend one night optional in a tree house. It is definitely a one of a kind experience so I would definitely take advantage of it. The tree houses have showers and toilets. Hence, it is a neat place for one night 🙂

IMG_0433 IMG_0434 IMG_0431

If you’re lucky you meet such cute animals there such as this tiny baby kitten 🙂


3) Optional: Camping


You can do one night optional “Glamping” meaning Glamour Camping 😀 You will sleep in a large tent with a comfy matress. Hence, you have the possibility to watch the sunset and sunrise directly from your tent 🙂


You will be spoiled by the crew with delicious food. Hence, you also don’t need to worry about food there 🙂


We spent one night on the beautiful island Dibutunay and we were really just by ourselves there 🙂

IMG_6163 IMG_6199 IMG_6520

If you are lucky you also see such cute puppies there like we did 😀


The entire camping experience is really romantic. Hence, it is especially great for all adventurous couples 😉


4) Busuanga Bay Lodge


For those who don’t wanna do camping and/or spending a night in a tree house you can alternatively stay one or two nights in the beautiful Busuanga Bay Lodge Resort. If you decide to go for this option the total price will be a bit higher though.

busuanga-bay-lodge-poolside.jpg.1920x810_defaultbusuanga-bay-lodge-deluxe-casita.jpg.1920x810_default busuanga-bay-lodge-clubhouse-pool.jpg.1920x810_default

5) Huma Island Resort


Optional you can spend either 1 or 2 nights in the luxurious Huma Island Resort. The hotel really is a dream hotel and I can definitely recommend spending there at least one night 🙂


The resort is distributed on the entire island and there aren’t many guests. Hence, you will also feel on this island like you’re one a secluded island 😀

IMG_0425 IMG_8021 IMG_0411

You can choose between beach and water villas. The water villas have a stunning terrace including this beautiful jacuzzy 🙂

IMG_7907 IMG_7533 IMG_7908

Also on this island you will have full pension and the food at Huma Island Resort is extremely tasty! It is à la carte which I always prefer as you won’t overeat that quickly as if you have a buffet 😛

IMG_0403 IMG_0404

Huma Island Resort also has a beautiful spa which you also get to experience during 8 Days Palawan Experience as in this resort there is one free 75 minutes massage per person included 😀


As you can see the program contains many many things so you don’t need to worry about anything while you’re in Palawan. I for intance didn’t use my credit card once while I was there 😛


The Total Price of the Program amounts to:

8 Days Palawan Experience (incl. 2 nights luxury resort): $2,765 – $200 Rabatt = $2,565

7 Days Palawan Experience (incl. 1 night luxury resort):   $2,320 – $200 Rabatt = $2,120

6 Days Palawan Experience (without luxury resort):          $1,850 – $180 discount = $1,670

All prices are given per person.

IMG_5526Package Rates pdf-page-001 (1)Package Rates pdf-page-002 (1)

Here is another overview of the price so you can see what is all included 🙂

IMG_0082vlcsnap-2016-02-21-10h31m48s739 (1)

If you feel like this program is right for you just send a non binding email to: or contact them on their homepage. Don’t forget to mention the dicount code “pilotmadeleine” so you can get $300 discount! This will save you up to 13% 😀


In our case we really didn’t use our credit cards once during the experience as everything was included. This is a great thing and makes your vacation entirely relaxing 🙂


Hence, I can recommend 8 Days Palawan Experience 100% and I’d love to see your beautiful pictures from the trip soon 😀

If you have any further questions let me know 🙂




Here you can see even more pictures and experiences from our trip:

8 Days Palawan Experience Day 1 – 2

8 Days Palawan Experience Day 3 – 5

8 Days Palawan Experience Day 6 – 8





  • Tonkin-Travel Vietnam11 July 2018

    OMG, your post is so stunning and inspiring. I intend to explore Boracay this year, but it’s a pity that this island has been closed for preservation. Hence, I am thinking between Palawan and Coron. Thanks to your post, I decide to go ahead to Palawan. Thanks so much for the awesome post!

    • Madeleine Schneider-Weiffenbach01 August 2018

      Thx love ❤️ Coron is a part of Palawan 😉 There is El Nido and Coron which both belong to Palawan and both are just as beautiful!

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