My new Travel Tips for Oahu, Hawaii + Video

My new Travel Tips for Oahu, Hawaii + Video

Hi lovelies,

before I’ll be heading to another amazing destination tomorrow I wanna give you some travel tips and show you my Follow Me Around Video from Oahu, Hawaii:

There will also be a Part II including our adventures from Maui 🙂 But first here are my Travel Tips for Oahu, Hawaii:

Makapuu Beach 001

1) Rent a car


It is really important renting a car in Hawaii. Unfortunately public transportation isn’t great in Hawaii. Hence, you can only get to most places by car. If you are lucky you they will also give you a mustang although you’ve only rented a Ford Focus 😛

IMG_9569 (1)

2) Go Kayaking to Chinaman’s Hat


I recommend you starting at Kualoa Beach Park and go kayaking from there to Chinaman’s Hat. It won’t take you very long and arriving there you can go snorkling or doing a nice hike to the top of Chinaman’s Hat. From the top you really have an amazing view 😀


3) Visit Kualoa Ranch


Directly on the other side of Kualoa Beach Park there is Kualoa Ranch where Jurassic Park has been shot. If you love horses you can go riding hores there with a stunning view. If you love adventures you can go ziplining there through the jungle which is also really cool 😀


4) Do the Lanikai Pillbox Hike


To me the Lanikai Pillbox Hike is one of the most stunning hikes on Oahu. Therefore, you should definitely do this hike. It isn’t too difficult and the view one your way and from the top is simply breath-taking 😀 See more pictures of this hike here 🙂

IMG_8156 IMG_8376 IMG_8102 IMG_8094

5) Watch the Surfers at Pipeline


At almost no other beach the waves are that perfect like at Pipeline at North Shore Oahu. Hence, many pro surfer go surfing there and it is super fun watching them 😀

IMG_9856 IMG_9859 IMG_9905 IMG_9860

5) Watch the Fireworks in Waikiki Beach


Every Friday evening there are amazing fireworks in front of Hilton Hawaiian Village which is puplic to everyone. It is really something special so you shouldn’t miss it 🙂

IMG_7664 IMG_7667 IMG_7670

6) Visit the East Coast of Oahu

Makapuu Beach 001

In my last Oahu blog post I recommended you to visit the North Shore which is still my favorite place on Oahu. In addition to the North Shore I also really love the East Coast of Oahu including Makapu’u Beach, Haunauma Bay, Sandy Beach, Lanikai Beach etc.

Makapuu Beach 005 Makapuu Beach 0012Haunauma Bay 002 Pali Lookout 002

7) Eat some Hawaiian Acai Bowls


OMG… I’m really addicted to them and miss them already 😀 So you really should eat some acai bowls while you’re in Hawaii. Read about where to get the best acai bowls on Oahu here 🙂

IMG_9255 (1)IMG_3325IMG_8735IMG_7722

8) Explore something New


I recommend you to drive along the coast (especially from the South Coast up to the North Shore of Oahu or the other way around) and stoping at every nice spot. This way we found many beautiful beaches, great restaurants and much more 🙂

IMG_9906 IMG_9847a IMG_9909 IMG_9910

9) Watch the Sunset at Waikiki Beach

Wohnen 001

Waikiki Beach has stunning sunsets. Hence, it makes sense to watching the sunset there first and then having a nice dinner. Read about my favorite restaurants on Oahu here.

IMG_7449 Wohnen 003 IMG_9427 IMG_8602 (1)

10) Visit a Luau

IMG_9079 (1)

A Luau is an Hawaiian festival where via dances and songs the Hawaiian history is explained. A great Luau is the one at Royal Hawaiian Hotel which can also be booked by non hotel guests.


Find more Travel Tips for Oahu, Hawaii here and read about my Restaurant Tips for Oahu, Hawaii here 🙂

Have a nice weekend!



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