My Love for Jumpsuits

My Love for Jumpsuits

I really love Jumpsuits 😀 Especially in Hawaii I’ve recognized again how handy Jumpsuits (also called Playsuits or Overalls) really are.


Due to the mountains Hawaii can get quite windy. A short dress would simply get blown away there 😛 Hence, a nice Jumpsuit is much more practical. Even though my boyfriend calls them “cheating” 😛 I simply love them 🙂 Today I wanna introduce my favorite Jumpsuits to you guys:

IMG_6780 IMG_6944 IMG_7531 IMG_7224

I really like this floral jumpsuit because it is very feminine and still comfortable. It is called “Pulled Up playsuit in navy floraland you can order it here.


My current favorite jumpsuit is this blue white one here which looks nice from the front and the back. Order it here.

IMG_3912 IMG_0945IMG_0903 (1)

Another white blue jumpsuit that I love wearing is this one. I bough it at Revolve Clothing a while ago but unfortunately it is sold out 🙁 Here you can find nice alternatives at Revolve Clothing. There is also a very similar one available at Lookbookstore (order it here) 😉


I also really like this jumpsuit because the lace top is really nice. You can order it here.


I bough this cute jumpsuit in Hawaii. It’s from Billabong and you can order it here.


This floral jumpsuit is also really cute. It’s from Lookbookstore. Unfortunately the version without arms is already sold out but there is a long-sleeve version available that you can order here. I also really like it with long sleeves 🙂

And here are a few Jumpsuits that are still on my Wish List:

Do you also love jumpsuits as much as me? 😀



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