My Top 10 Healthy Restaurants & Cafés in Hawaii

My Top 10 Healthy Restaurants & Cafés in Hawaii

Hi lovelies,

I often receive the questions where to eat on Oahu, Hawaii. Hence, today I wanna introduce my Top 10 Favorite Healthy Restaurants & Cafés to you guys:

1) Island Vintage Coffee


The café with the by far best açai bowls in Hawaii is Island Vintage Coffee. It is a chain that has many cafés throughout Oahu (and also on Maui). I’m not sure how many times we had breakfast there 😀 My tip for you guys is ordering an açai bowl or an açai smoothie. Both taste amazing!


2) The Veranda/ Beachhouse at Moana Surfrider


The restaurant with the most beautiful view in Hawaii is The Veranda at Moana Surfrider hotel. In the evening it is called Beachhouse and it is at least as lovely sitting there 🙂 You have a direct view at the beach and the food is simply amazing! You definitely need to order some Petit Fillet. It is the best steak that you’ve ever had!!

IMG_8735 IMG_8729 IMG_8724 IMG_8717

3) Heavenly


The restaurant with the most beautiful decoration in Waikiki is Heavenly. All dishes are decorated really nicely and like the name already reveals they taste simply divine 🙂 I recommend you ordering some Hawaiian Shortbread, an Açai Bowl or a Pitaya Bowl 🙂

IMG_9255 (1)IMG_9253 IMG_7731IMG_7716

4) Duke’s


My favorite bar in Hawii is Duke’s. You cannot only get delicious cocktails there (attention: the Mai Thai is really strong 😛 ) you can also get some amazing food at Duke’s. I recommend you ordering some Poké (that’s a local dish), Fish Tacos or Steak Salad 🙂


5) Cream Pot


The restaurant where we had breakfast on our last day together with my friend Nathan and his girlfriend is Cream Pot. The interior of the restaurant is really sweet but even sweeter are the meals there (of course you can also order savoury things at Cream Pot). You definitely need to try out their Soufflé Pancakes!!! They taste simply amazing 😀 And the Banana French Toast is also really yummy 🙂

IMG_0564 IMG_9957

6) Cheesecake Factory


My absolute favorite restaurant in the US is Cheesecake Factory. Hence, I’m super happy that there is also one in Waikiki. I believe there is no item on the menue that doesn’t taste amazing 😀 My favorites are the Angel Hair Pasta with Marinara Sauce and Shrimps, the Kale Quinoa Salad with Shrimps or Chicken and of course the various Cheesecakes. There is even a Low Carb Cheesecake available that also tastes awesome 🙂

IMG_0870 IMG_0882

7) Shrimp Trucks

I recommend you visiting the North Shore while on Oahu and having lunch at one of the Shrimp Trucks. The best one is right after Turtle Bay. You recognize it via the red benches. Definitely order some Garlic Shrimps there. It tastes sooooo good 😀

IMG_3858 (1)

8) Poi Factory

Another food truck that you shouldn’t miss which is near Kualoa Ranch is Poi Factory. Poi is a local dish which is due to its good characteristics like acai a superfood. It tastes almost like nothing, but is togehter with some salt and salsa it is super delicious. I recommend you ordering some Kalua Pig which will be the best pulled pork that you’ve ever had 😉

IMG_7533 (1)

9) Luau at Royal Hawaiian Hotel


If you in Hawaii don’t miss out on visiting a Luau. You will watch various songs and dances which explain the Hawaiian history. Furthermore, there is always a great buffet. The best Luau is the one at Royal Hawaiian Hotel which can also be booked by non hotel guests.

IMG_9076IMG_9079 (1) IMG_9133

10) Haleiwa Bowls


You can get the best Açai Bowls in the North Shore at Halaiwa Bowls. There is always a long queue but it is worth waiting. You can choose between various toppings. I recommend you ordering a “Large” açai bowl because Haleiwa Bowls are really sooo yummy 😀

IMG_3335 IMG_3321

Definitely let me know after having visited one of these places and how you liked it 🙂



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