North Shore Oahu, Turtle Beach & Pipeline – Hawaii Travel Diary last Days

North Shore Oahu, Turtle Beach & Pipeline – Hawaii Travel Diary last Days

Aloha lovelies,

unfortunately our time in Hawaii is already coming to and end. Today we’re off to our next destination (read about which one it is here). We had suuuuuch an incredible time in Hawaii and I’m super sad about leaving my favorite place πŸ™ “Leaving Hawaii is like breaking up with someone you love”. This is how I’m feeling right now but like mentioned before our next destination (where I haven’t been yet) is also gonna be pretty nice I’m sure πŸ™‚

IMG_2226 IMG_2246 IMG_2257

First of all we had to overcome a little shock: one of our suitcases got lost on our flight from Maui to Oahu. After 2 days we finally received it. But we had a panic attack before because it contained all of our drone footage, laptop, my boyfriend’s pilot licence etc. I’m usually a super optistic person usually even I had a little heart attack when that happened πŸ˜›


Yesterday the weather was not so great but I just used the day to get some work done. Otherwise we were so lucky because we only had amazing weather here in Hawaii πŸ™‚


We kept the nicest thing for the end though: visiting the North Shore of Oahu. The North Shore is my abosolute favorite place on the island so I really had to show it to my boyfriend.


There are several stops that you really need to do while visiting the North Shore:

1) Haleiwa Town

I really love this cute city that also has a canal which is great for Stand Up Paddle Boarding.


Besides that you can find these beautiful angel wings there πŸ™‚

IMG_3321 IMG_3325 IMG_3335

Furthermore, you can get amazing acai bowls at Haleiwa Bowls. So yummy!

2) Turtle Beach (Laniakea Beach)


Officially it is calledΒ Laniakea Beach inofficially Turtle Beach because usually you can see many turtles there πŸ™‚ The highest probability to meet some is in the afternoon after 1pm when the sun is the highest.

IMG_2392 IMG_2721IMG_2432IMG_2753IMG_9928IMG_2709 (1)

But even without turtles this beach is simply stunning!

IMG_9848IMG_9850IMG_9852 IMG_9849IMG_9912IMG_9895

When you walk down the beach you can find amazing waves and an even nicer beach section πŸ™‚

IMG_9221 IMG_9844

This beach is also great for surfing πŸ™‚


Unfortunately that day we were not so lucky and only saw turtles swimming in the water. It was probably just too turbulent for them in order to come outside. Otherwise I always saw turtles at this beach. Hence, it is a bit of a secret tip for you guys as turtle beach is one of my favorite beaches on Oahu πŸ™‚

Insta_0027 Insta_0361

These pictures were also taken at Turtle Beach πŸ™‚

3) Waimea Bay

One of the most beautiful bays on Oahu is Waimea Bay. You can see many cool and young people there so it is just fun for people watching πŸ˜€

4) Pipeline


One of the beaches with the highest waves on Oahu, which are often like beautiful tubes, is Pipeline.

IMG_9856 IMG_9905 IMG_9859 IMG_9906

It is just super fun watching the pro surfers there!

IMG_3692 (1) IMG_3759 IMG_3673IMG_9902

5) Shrimp Trucks

IMG_3858 (1)

You definitely need to make a stop while visiting North Shore at one of the Shrimp Trucks. The food at the food trucks on Oahu is most of the times super good anyways. I recommed you ordering Garlic Shrimp. It tastes amazing! The best shrimp truck is right after Turtle Bay. You can recognize it by the red tables πŸ˜‰

IMG_9900 IMG_9866

Besides that I really love the East Coast of Oahu includingΒ Makapu’u Beach, Haunauma Bay and Co. (Here you can read my Oahu Travel Tips from my last trip). Somehow I have the feeling that we have seen and done way to little πŸ˜› But that’s how you should always leave a place so you have a reason to come back πŸ˜‰ And that is definitely the case with Hawaii!

But now I’m super excited for our nex trip πŸ˜€





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