Starwood Hotels Hawaii Review – Moana Surfrider, Sheraton Maui & Sheraton Waikiki

Starwood Hotels Hawaii Review – Moana Surfrider, Sheraton Maui & Sheraton Waikiki

Aloha loves,

I’m writing to you from Oahu before we’ll be heading to another beautiful destination tomorrow. Read about which one it is here 🙂


Even though I’m really excited for it I’m also sad about leaving Hawaii 🙁 The two weeks went by soooo fast and I really wished I could stay here forever 😀


We had the honor staying two nights at three of the wonderful hotels from Starwood Hotels. We enjoyed all three of them. But they are all quite different so today I wanna show you the special features of each one of them 🙂

Sheraton Waikiki

IMG_8575 IMG_8576 IMG_8602 (1)

The first hotel we stayed at was the Sheraton Waikiki. I’ve visited the stunning infinity pool there before when I visited friends. Hence, I really wanted to be a hotel guest at this hotel myself one day 🙂

IMG_8451 IMG_7805 IMG_7820IMG_9038

The ocean view rooms really have a breath-taking view 🙂

IMG_7773 IMG_7878 IMG_7880 IMG_7845

What was really cool about the hotel: on the 30th floor there is a lounge where you can have breakfast, some snacks in the afternoon and 24/7 coffee, tea and other drinks 🙂


The beachfront location of the Sheraton Waikiki is also really perfect!


Due to all the above outlined features I would definitely come back to Sheraton Waikiki anytime 🙂


Moana Surfrider


The very first and in my opinion also most beautiful hotel in Hawaii is the Moana Surfrider.


I just loooooove the style and interior of the Moana Surfrider!

IMG_3985 IMG_3989 IMG_3994 IMG_3993

The Moana Lani Spa is also wonderful! How amazing is it that you get to enjoy a treatment along with the sound of the sea due to the direct beachfront location 😀

IMG_9178 IMG_8735 IMG_8724IMG_9731

Furthermore, the restaurants at the hotel such as The Veranda/ Beachhouse are not only perfectly located (directly at the beach), the food is also amazing! We really had the best steak ever at Beachhouse last night 😀

IMG_8825 IMG_9383

Those who booked an ocean view room are expecting the most stunning view ever!


The entire staff at Moana Surfrider is wonderful! Super friendly but not “too” friendly. Simply perfect!


Due to the above mentioned advantages I immediately fell in love with the Moana Surfrider. It is a truly stunning hotel and I can recommend it 100%!


Sheraton Maui

IMG_0388 IMG_0406

On Maui we stayed at the Sheraton Maui.The hotel has a dream hotel complex. I believe I’ve never seen such a beautiful pool landscape 🙂


Besides that the hotel is directly located at a really nice beach which has the advantage that you can do cliff diving, surfing, stand up paddle boarding etc. right at the hotel 🙂

IMG_0480 IMG_0489 IMG_0493

If you book an ocean view room at Sheraton Maui you are welcomed by such a stunning view 😀

IMG_0674 IMG_0657

The entire staff at Sheraton Maui is super friendly and we felt very welcom there.


I believe the hotel is especially suitable for families because there are many things to do for the little ones and you won’t even need to leave the hotel for it.


Due to the many advantages of Sheraton Maui I would return anytime (even as a couple without children) 🙂


Overall I can say the I would stay at every hotel again and I can fully recommend all three of them. However, my favorite hotel is the Moana Surfrider due to the unique design and interior, the amazing food, great spa, friendly staff and the perfect location 🙂

Have you ever stayed at any of the three hotels and if so how did you like it?



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