Airline Review – With Allegiant Airlines from Las Vegas to Honolulu

Airline Review – With Allegiant Airlines from Las Vegas to Honolulu

Aloha loves,

today I’m blogging for the first time from stunning Hawaii. I am totally overwhelmed to finally be here again. And my boyfriend has fallen in love with Hawaii too (otherwise our relationship would have been in trouble… haha) 😛


Unfortunately I just had the most horrible flight ever 🙁 I have flown with Allegiant Airlines for the first time. A while ago I found quite a cheap flight for only 210€. So I thought to book it immediately without doing my research about the airline. Typically cheap Maddi 😛 This won’t happen again though! Because the flight wasn’t thaaaaaat cheap if you consider that in addition to the ticket price you need to pay $50 for a seat, $50 for luggage, $50 for hand luggage, $10 for a paper ticket, $3 to $10 for snacks and $2 to 7$ for drinks (because really NOTHING was free) the whole price wasn’t that cheap! And not getting any water on a 6 hour flight is really bad 🙁 I really should have flown with Hawaiian 😀


Although the worst was what happened at the checkin counter: We didn’t reserve seats and would’ve loved to have a window seat in order to take pictures of the departure in Las Vegas and the approach into Honolulu. This was not possible which was ok because we didn’t pay for it. I then asked for seats next to each other though. I was promised several times that we had seats next to each other. Our seats in the Boeing 757-200 was 6B and 6C. Hence, I didn’t think about it. When we arrived at the ultra old airplane (you couldn’t even recline the seat and I’m not even starting to talk about the leg space) we recognized that our seats were separated by the isle. How can an employee not know their own airplanes?! Allthough the ladies at the checkin counter were so extremely unfriendly that I’m not really sure whether it was maybe even on purpose 🙁

IMG_6570 (1)

Fortunately the flight attendants were so nice that they gave us a whole row. Hence, I even had a window seat. On the flight there was also a man in a wheel chair on board. And they treated him super sweet. Therefore, I would have definitely given them five stars. But that was the only positive thing I can think of when it comes to Allegiant Airlines.

IMG_6587 (1)

Here is a list of all pros- & cons:


  • Friendly flight attendants


  • Incapable and unfriendly ground staff

IMG_8927 IMG_8929

  • Everything was really dirty (toilets, cabin etc.)
  • Old airplanes –> really noisy

IMG_6520 (1)

  • You cannot recline your seat
  • EVERYTHING costs extra: $50 for the seat, $50 for luggage, $50 for hand luggage, $10 for paper ticket, $3 to $10 for snacks and $2 to 7$ for drinks
  • No real food on board (no sandwiches, no warm meals etc.)

IMG_6558 (1)

  • No water or other drinks for free
  • No blanket or pillow
  • NOT ANY entertainment system on board (also not a large screen)
  • Much too cold (I had to cover my legs with a scarve even tough I wore jeans)
  • American Express is not accepted, also not to pay all extra (on board you can only pay via credit card and not with cash)
  • Unpunctual arrival

IMG_6566 (1)

Hence my Rating for Allegiant Airlines is the following:

5 is the highest rating, 1 is the lowest rating

Service                 ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Airplanes             ⭐️
Food                     ⭐️
Entertainment      ⭐️
Extras                   ⭐️
Overall-Rating:    ⭐️.4 = 1,4 stars

I really cannot recommend you flying with Allegiant Airlines!! Rather pay more for a ticket but fly with a good airline. If you consider all extra costs you will probably pay for an airline like Hawaiian even less 😉 Of course the approch into Honolulu was still a dream 😀 And I’m just incredibly happy being here (despite the bad flight) 😀

IMG_6600 (2)



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