Your Top 10 Blogposts in January + Surprise

Your Top 10 Blogposts in January + Surprise

Hi lovelies,

in January I had tons of fun with you guys due to your sweet comments and the great atmosphere on my blog. And how amazing is it that we hit over 150k Unique Visitors in January 😀 More precisely it was 161.463 Unique Visitors!! That is really so much, especially because I only have been blogging since October 2015 😀 So thanks a mil for your incredible support! I’m really overwhelmed and touched ♡


I also have a bigger surprise for you guys: I will collect many beautiful things on my travels the upcoming weeks and give them away to you guys in several packages when I get back 🙂 Do you have any wishes what I should bring? 😉 But first here are your 10 favorite blog posts in January:

10) My 10 Favorite Series

Insta_0255 Kopie

The title is self explanatory 😉 This blog post was the one with the highest amount of comments. Hence, thanks a lot for your series tips (through which I found many other cool series) 🙂 Read it here 🙂

Insta_0201 Kopie

9) How do I become a Travel Blogger?

Insta_0478 Kopie

In this blog post I answered one of your most asked questions. Besides that I also give you some blogger tips. Read about them here 🙂

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8) #AskMaddi (Q&A) – Getting married, Kids, Fears


Personal blog posts are always very popular among you guys. Hence, I’m not surprised that this blog post is among your top 10 blog posts 😉 You can read it here 🙂

IMG_7758 (1a)

7) Healthy Lifestyle – How it all began


In this blog post I talked about how I started with a healthy lifestyle. Besides that I’m giving you a few tips. Read them here 🙂

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6) Life Update – Not always only Sunshine


This blog post was probably the most personal blog post this month but I find it important to not only post about sunshine and positive posts. Because unfortunately that’s not how life is all the time. Here you can read this personal and honest blog post.


5) #AskMaddi (Q&A) – My Childhood, a life without Instagram, my Boyfriend


Q&As are always very popular among you guys so there are even two of them in the top 10. Read this blog post here 🙂


4) My 10 best Weight Loss Tips


In this blog post I reveal my ten best weight loss tipps how you can lose weight in a healthy way. Read about it here 🙂

IMG_8562 Kopie

3) Boyfriend TAG – Jealousy, Quirks of the other, our biggest Arguement & what we love of the other person


I published this blogpost just two days ago and it has already become one of your favorites. In this blog post my boyfriend and I answer your sweetest and funniest questions regarding our relationship. Read about it here.


2) Maddi on German television + recipes from the show

facebook 0059

In January I was on German television. In this blog post I show you the video to the show and all recipes. Read my blog post here 🙂


1) My favorite Online Shops

Insta_0001 Kopie

The blog post where I reveal where I always buy my clothes has become your favorite blog post in December 😀 I always though that you guys are not so much interested into fashion but I guess I was wrong 😛 Great to see that your interest lies in many areas 🙂 You can read my blog post here.

Insta_0149 Kopie

What was your personal favorite blog post in January? Thank you so much for everything ♡

You can read about your top 10 blog posts in December here 🙂


Eure Maddi

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