Meine Reisetipps für Kauai, Hawaii

Meine Reisetipps für Kauai, Hawaii

Hi lovelies,

Kauai is one of the most beautiful places in the entire world and it feels like true paradise to me. Today I wanna give you a few Travel Tips for Kauai:

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1) Rent a car

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Kauai has so much to offer so you definitely need to rent a car! It is not worth laying out on the hotel pool all day long as you really need to explore Kauai.

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2) Do the Sleeping Giant Hike

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One of the most stunning trails is the “Sleeping Giant Trail”. It can get a bit exhausting but the view makes it so worth it.

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If you hike a bit further you get to reach this stunning lookout 😀

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3) Go surfing

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You should definitely go surfing on Kauai. The beaches there are not so crowded as on Oahu but at least as beautiful 🙂

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4) Swim with Turtles


In Hawaii there are a lot of turtles and nothing is more beautiful than swimming with beautiful animals. If you are lucky you even get to see some baby turtles 🙂


5) Do the Napali Coast Hike

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You definitely need to do this hike! The Napali Coast is one of the most beautiful sights Kauai has to offer 🙂


When you arrive on top you have such a stunning view including this dream beach 🙂

6) Visit the Waimea Canyon Lookout

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You don’t need to visit Grand Canyon to have a grand view. The Waimea Canyon Lookout is really amazing 🙂

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7) Visit a Botanical Garden


Kauai is one of the most rain rich places in the world. That is also the reason why the nature on Kaui is so incredibly beautiful 🙂 Hence, it is worth visiting a botanical garden while you’re on the island as you get to see tons of beautiful flowers such as these frangipanis (my favorite flowers) 🙂


8) Do some Kayaking

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On Kauai there are many stunning lakes that you can explore via kayak. It is so beautiful because you can explore the nature via kayak and see it from a whole other perspective 🙂

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9) Try some Hawaiian Food


Also on Kauai you can get delicious acai bowls. Besides that there is lots of fresh fish such as ahi ahi or tuna. Another Hawaiian speciality that you need to taste are poke bowls. Simply delicious!

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My favorite fruit is papaya. I also love mangos. You can get lots of both on Kauai because it grows there (see it in the video above). And believe me it is really the best fruit you’ve ever eaten 😀

10) Book a Heli Flight over the Napali Coast

Unfortunately I haven’t done this myself. But I’ve heard of friends that it is THE thing to do on Kauai. Hence, I plan on doing it the next time I’m on Kauai 🙂

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I will fly to Hawaii again next week 🙂 This time Oahu und Maui (where I haven’t been yet). Hence, I’m excited to give you a few tips while I’m there 😉



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