10 Tips against Food Cravings

10 Tips against Food Cravings

Hi lovelies,

just a while ago I wrote a blogpost with weight loss tipps (you can read it here). After this I’ve received many questions how one can prevent food cravings. Hence, today I wanna give you 10 tips on how to best deal with food gravings. Of course I also have such hunger attacks sometimes. But that is all not so bad if you know how to deal with them 😉

My 10 best Tips against Food Cravings:


1) Don’t even keep unhealthy groceries at home

I always see it on myself: when I’m at my parents’s place I will much more often eat sweets and such compared to when I’m at home in Munich where I don’t even keep any unhealthy food at home. If you are on the go I can recommend you always carrying some healthy snacks with you such as dried fruit, nuts, protein bars etc. This way you will much less tend to grab some burger at McDonalds or so 😉


2) Look for healthy alternatives

Everybody has cravings sometimes. Sometimes it’s for something sweet, sometimes it’s for something savoury. If I have savoury cravings I will just eat some protein chips.


When I have sweet cravings I just eat some fruit which always helps. Some people have chocolate cravings. In this case I recommend you just making some “Clean Chocolate Brownies” or “Fat Free Chocolate Pudding”. You can find both recipes and much more in my healthy cookbook “Clean & Creative Cooking”. This will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth 😀


3) Don’t starve yourself

Those who starve themselves will much more likely develop food cravings. Hence, never starve yourself! Read about why it is harmful and even contra-productive when losing weight 😉


4) Eat more slowly

Those who eat slowly will develop satisfaction much quicker than those who eat quickly. Hence, pay attention to eat your food slowly and to enjoy it.


5) Focus on your food

This tip might sound a bit funny but if you eat and watch television or such at the same time you might overeat. Hence, it is best to actually sit at a table and focus on your food 😉 It really helps!


6) Eat satisfying food

I always recognize it in myself: If I eat good carbs and protein I stay satisfied much longer than if I eat white carbs such as white toast etc. In my case eating oatmeal or whole grain bread in the morning keeps me satisfied the longest but you need to find out yourself what fills you up most 😉


7) Drink enough water

It is often the case that you think you are hungry when you are actually only thirsty. Hence, it makes sense to first drink enough water and then see whether you are still hungry. Besides that I always recognize it on myself: when I drink enough water my skin and everything else looks much more fresh than before. If you find regular water boring just “pimp” it with some fruit in order to make your own fruit infused water 🙂

8) Brush your teeth

This tip sounds a bit funny but it always helps me when I have food cravings for some dessert although I’ve already eaten enough food 😛 In that case I just brush my teeth and most of the times the cravings are gone 😀 If you are on the go it helps carrying some gum or peppermint drops with you.


9) Distract yourself

Food cravings often develop due to boredom. Hence, most of the times it already helps distracting yourself. This can be done by working out, talking on the pohone with your best friend, writing with your crush etc.

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10) Don’t put too much pressure on yourself

“One bad meal won’t make you fat, just like one healthy meal won’t make you skinny”. Hence, it is totally fine following your food cravings ocassionally. However, don’t overdo it. Because it is really unfortunate if you’ve eaten clean the entire week and worked out a lot and only one hunger attack will destroy everything 😛 Hence, even when you’re cheating pay attention to controlling it 😉


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