My 10 best Weight Loss Tips

My 10 best Weight Loss Tips

Many of you might have the New Year’s resolution to lose a few pounds in 2016. Also I have phases sometimes (especially after vacations where I normally don’t pay much attention to eating clean) when I wanna lose a bit weight.

Today I’m going to give you a few tips on how you can reach your goals in a more effective and healthy way.


My 10 best weightloss tipps:

10) Set yourself concrete goals

It doesn’t matter what you want to achieve in life it is always important to set yourself concrete goals! The same applies to losing weight. For instance your goal can be to fit in your old jeans or your prom dress etc. Set yourself realistic goals and maybe even milestones. If you do so you will be much more motivated and will focus on your goals much more 🙂


9) Constantly motivate yourself

Especially when you wanna lose weight it is important to keep on motivating yourself. Read about my 10 best motivation tips here 🙂


8) Don’t do crash diets

If you wanna lose weight you are often seduced to do “crash diets”. Those are diets where you are only allowed to consume a very low amount of calories in order to lose weight very quickly. You may see before and after pictures of people that had great results. However, the problem is that those people will most likely not be able to keep this weight very long. Their metabolism has been reduced so much that, after a certain time, they will most likely gain more weight than they’ve had before. Therefore, I can definitely not recommend you doing a diet. First of all because is is simply not effective. And secondly, because it’s everything but healthy. The only thing that really works on the long run is a diet change. Read about my diet routine here 🙂


7) Drink enough water

You probably hear this a lot when it comes to weightloss and you might think: “Why is drinking water so important?” but it has been scientifically proven that drinking enough water can assist with weightloss. Besides that it is often the case that you think you are hungry when you are actually only thirsty. Hence, it makes sense to first drink enough water and then see whether you are still hungry. Besides that I always recognize it on myself: when I drink enough water my skin and everything else looks much more fresh than before 🙂

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6) Sleep enough

Another aspect that has been scientifically proven is that people who get enough sleep tend to have less weightloss problems than people who don’t get enough sleep. Besides that if you sleep enough you certainly also feel much fitter and have more energy to workout for instance.


5) Stay active

This leads to my next tipp: Stay active! This doesn’t mean that everyone needs to have a gym membership but it is important to stay active somehow. I always recognize it on myself: when I’m on the go all day, I can allow myself much more than when I just sit in front of the television all day. That is obvious because your body burns much more simply through walking around, carrying groceries, cleaning the house etc. We for instance live on the fifth floor without an elevator 😛 In the beginning I hated it but now I love it because I see it as a great cardio unit 😀 Hence, I can only recommend you to stay active! Look for a sport that you acutally enjoy doing. This can be swimming, playing tennis, soccer etc. Because only if you actually have fun doing something you will stay motivated and stick to it 🙂


4) Do weight training

Besides that I can recommend you not to do cardio only. Of course if you wanna lose weight it is important to do some cardio because it can really help you with losing weight. But don’t skip your weight training! It supports building muscles which burn fat. Hence, my tip if you wanna lose weight is to do weight training cardio, where cardio and weight training is combined. This is not only super fun, it is also super effective!

Here you can find my abs workout. Many more exercises are coming soon 🙂


3) Skip bad carbs

In this blogpost I’ve already talked about good and bad carbs. I can definitely advise you not to stick to a strict low carb diet. Nevertheless, I find that especially leaving out bad carbs (such as white bread, sugary drinks etc.) is very effective when you wanna lose weight. Especially in the evening I try to eat low carb and leaving out starchy products. But of course every body reacts differently to certain groceries. Hence it is super important to: Listen to your body!

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2) Don’t pay too much attention to the scale

Another important tipp of mine is not to pay too much attention to the scale. I always recognize it on myself. The scale is often misleading. It for instance shows more pounds when I workout much and look skinner compared to when I don’t workout as much. This is very natural because muscles definitely weight more than fat! Hence, if I wanna lose weight I have a look at my pants rather than the scale. If I had only looked at the scale I might be demotivated. Thus, don’t pay too much attention to it 😉


1) Don’t starve yourself

My last and most important tip is not to starve yourself!!! There are many healthy snack options available (you can even find many in my healthy cookbook “Clean & Creative Cooking“). “Smart cheating” is another important aspect which means to first think before you cheat. I definitely believe that even when you wanna lose weight you are allowed to cheat sometimes. But don’t overdo it 😉 And like mentioned before: the most important thing is not to starve yourself!!! Aim to be healthy and fit, not skin and bones 😉


I hope some of my tips were helpful for some of you 🙂 Would you also like me to write a blogpost with tips on how to gain weight in a healthy way? Because I always get many emails on this topic.

Have a beautiful day 🙂



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