#AskMaddi (Q&A) – Getting married, Kids, Fears

#AskMaddi (Q&A) – Getting married, Kids, Fears

I really love Q&As because they are only possible because of YOU guys. I always enjoy such posts the most 🙂 On my YouTube channel I’ve already done a few Q&As and they always became really popular among you guys. Hence, I decided to do one on my blog now. On Instagram I posted a picture below which you could ask whatever you wanted. There were so many interesting questions that I divided this blogpost into two parts: Part 1 is today and the other one next week:

Your questions & my answers – Part 1

Lanikai 006

@23pia: “If you could choose one place in the world where would you live? And why?”

@miiriii19: “Which place did you like most? Meaning which country and why?”

@sylwialoove: “Where did you like it most? What is your favorite destination? :)”

Maddi: Definitely Hawaii. I can’t think of another more beautiful place and I would even like to live in Hawaii. If I wasn’t in a relationhip I’d definitely had already moved to Hawaii. Sorry Michi (my boyfriend) 😛 I love Hawaii that much, because it is a very tropical place but still super safe and clean. I love the Hawaiian culture, the perfect weather all year round, the nature in Hawaii and the tons of outdoor and sport possibilities. Hence, Hawaii is my absolute favorite place in the world 🙂

@x_sophie_n: “Are you planning on doing a fan meeting anytime soon?”

Maddi: I’ve always wanted to do something like that. I’m always super excited when I get to meet you guys. It fascinates me that even on my travels people will come up to me for instance in Hawaii on the beach or in New York on the Brooklyn Bridge 😀 People often talk to me in the subway or at the airport and I’m always super excited to meet you guys. Hence, I definitely wanna do a fan meeting soon. Any suggestions for a location? 🙂

Gesundes Essen

@lillx.xoxo: “What is your favorite vegan food?”

Maddi: Definitely fruit. I cannot get enough of it and I could never live without it 😀 And I really love pretzels. Hence, I’ve created a healthy vegan pretzel recipe for you guys (see above) 🙂

@zomonilu: “What is your favorite food and your favorite candy?”

Maddi: Nothing compares to Munich pretzels and I love gummibears 😀


@gonca_sim: “Since when have you and your boyfriend known each other and how long have you been together?”

Maddi: We’ve known each other for 3 1/2 years now. It seems much longer though because we lived together for almost 2 years. When you live together with someone you really get to know that person very well. And yes, we moved together already after 2 weeks but that’s another story 😀

@anjaflcknstn: “Do you ever wanna have kids and if so when and how many?”

@izabelaaa.z: “Do you ever wanna have kids?”

@julianasofi: “U wanna have children?”

@homi_19: “Do you ever wanna get married?”

Maddi: I can answer all questions the same: Getting married and having kids is still quite far away because I’m not settled yet. I first wanna travel a lot, see the world and be independent. But maybe in a few years, once my situation has changed, I cannot exclude it 🙂

Grace 002

@an_to_ni_a111: “Do you have any piercings or tattoos?”

Maddi: Yes, I’ve had a belly button piercing since I was only 16 years old. Hence, I had to pressure my parants to give me their approval 😛

@kleiderjunkie: “Do you sometimes feel like to you need to please everyone? Or are you 100% authentic all the time?”

@xlxixjxax: “Is it very important to you what others think about you and your job? And do you plan on doing blogging and Instagram and YouTube in the long run?”

Maddi: I used to aim being “everybody’s darling”. I was the head of the student council in two schools, I was always really down when people didn’t like me etc.. Now I’m pretty relaxed about things like that. Hence, I try to be authentic all the time. But of course I’m also only a human and it doesn’t work 100% of the times 😉 And yes, I plan on doing Social Media and my Blog as long as it brings you and me joy. So hopefully for a long time 😀


@lauralndws: “Where did you get your drone and which one is it?”

Maddi: I’ve already wrote a detailed blogpost about it 🙂 You can read it here 🙂

@inlooovewith: “Would you have ever thought that your pictures, videos and blogposts would reach and fascinate that many people?”

Maddi: No, never ever!! 😀 But it is a truly wonderful feeling 🙂


@ida.ltgn: “What was your best experience that you’ve ever had?”

Maddi: I can think of many amazing moments right now. I always have great experiences during my travels for instance when I saw dolphins for the first time, got to swim with whale sharks etc. But my most memorable and most amazing experience in my life was my first solo flight. It’s a feeling that I’d never forget 🙂 The picture with the many papers was taken after I passed my final checkride in Phoenix, Arizona. It’s a tradition to throw the operation manual (which you won’t need anymore) in the air 😛 Do you want me to write a blogpost about my flight training?

@linasdu: “What is your biggest fear?”

@lisigoesdownunder: “What are you really afraid of?”

Maddi: I’m really afraid of losing loved people in my life. I’ve had to go through that once with my grandfather and it was really horrible for me 🙁 Hence, I hope to not have to experience that for a long time.


@annasc98: “Do you have a life goal?”

Maddi: “Yes, I wanna see as many places as possible in the world. And like I’ve recognized in this blogpost there are still a lot of destinations left :D”

Thank you so much for your interesting questions!

Have a great start into the week ♡



Here you can find two Q&A-videos of mine 🙂

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