Travel Review in 2015

Travel Review in 2015

I’d rather have a passport full of stamps than a house full of stuff! The year 2015 is coming to an end. Perfect time to look back. I will start with the beautiful places that I’ve been able to visit this year 🙂

January 2015 – Maldives


The new year has started already perfectly with our first trip to the Maldives. I’ve been dreaming about this place for many years. On Christmas 2014 I was finally able to fulfill my dream. We booked quite spontaneously and stayed at the Fihalhohi Island Resort. Find my Maldives travel tips here.

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May 2015 – Oahu & Kauai, Hawaii

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After a few months travel pause in May I flew to Hawaii for two weeks. I stayed at a friend’s place who has grown up on the islands. Hence, he was able to show me the best places in Hawaii. He lives in Waikiki Beach on Oahu and his parents in a beautiful house on Kauai. Thus, we’ve visited both islands. And I’ve fallen in love with my favorite destination once again. So I will visit Hawaii again in February 😀 This time with my boyfriend. Find my travel tips for Oahu here.

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June 2015 – Sardinia

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In June my boyfriend was stationed in Alghero, Sardinia for a few days. Hence, I decided to come along with him. Who would’ve thought that a place this close to Germany (only a 2h plane ride) would be this caribbean like and this stunning? Read about my Sardinia travel tips here. I can definitely recommend Sardinia to you guys 🙂

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August 2015 – Lake Garda

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In August this year two good friends of mine and I went for a weekend trip to Lake Garda. From Munich it is not far away. Another friend of us owns a little boat there which we took for a ride. We stayed at Sirmione which is a lovely place!

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September 2015 – Kitzbuehel

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I’ve spent my birthday this year together with my parents in Kitzbuehel. From Munich the drive is less than two hours. All of us really enjoyed Kitzbuehel. We stayed at the Q! Resort Health & Spa, which totally impressed us with their health- and wellness concept. Find a review about Kitzbuehel here.

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October 2015 – New York City


Initially I was planning to stay at home in October 😛 But my friend Xenia asked me whether I wanted to come with her to New York. Because New York is my favorite city I didn’t hesitate one second and we had an amazing time there. Read about my New York restaurant tips here and about my NYC sightseeing tips here.

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November 2015 – Maldives

Drohne 001

Because I enjoyed the Maldives so much they are the only place that I visited even twice this year 😀 This time we did some island hopping and stayed at Six Senses Laamu and three islands of Universal Resorts. Find my review about Six Senses Laamu here and about Universal Resorts here.

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November 2015 – Abu Dhabi

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One week after the Maldives I had the chance due to a LTUR Giveaway to explore Abu Dhabi together with three lovely girls. I was impressed most by the Grand Mosque and the dessert safari in Abu Dhabi. Read about my Abu Dhabi travel tips here.

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Travel Overview

Overall I visited seven destinations this year. I’m extremely thankful that I was able to travel that much in 2015. But which place did I like most and which one didn’t I like so much?


I liked least Abu Dhabi. The reason for that is not that Abu Dhabi isn’t beautiful. Especially the Grand Mosque and the desert safari were totally impressive. We were all just a bit disappointed of the people in Abu Dhabi. Maybe it was just bad luck but I the people were really unfriendly to us. But again Abu Dhabi ist definitely worth a visit 🙂


I enjoyed most Hawaii. To me Hawaii almost feels like home and I don’t feel like a tourist anymore there but rather like a local. The amazing thing about Hawaii is that it is a truly tropical place and you still find western hygiene and safety standards there. Besides that I just love the Hawaiian culture and also the “Hang Loose” surfer culture 😉

Makapuu Beach 001

Together with the Maldives I’ve never experienced so many friendly and happy people. Hence, Hawaii is and always will be my number one destination. Read about which amazing places I will visit in 2016 here and here.

What were your travel highlights this year?

I’m super excited for what 2016 will bring to us 🙂



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