20 Random Facts about Me – Plastic Surgery, Series Junkie & my Life in the US

20 Random Facts about Me – Plastic Surgery, Series Junkie & my Life in the US

Hi lovelies,

on YouTube I’ve already filmed a 20 Random Facts About Me video for you guys, which has become really popular among you guys. Hence, I decided to do the same on my Blog so you can get to know me a bit better 🙂

Why don’t you tell me one “random fact about you” so I can get to know you a bit better? 😉



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Here are my 20 Random Facts About Me (I hope you still like me afterward…haha):

1) I love horror movies and series

I’m a huge fan of horror movies and series such as Walking Dead or American Horro Story. For my friend this passion is not very attractive 😛 He doesn’t like horror movies so I have to watch them secretly 😀

2) My handwriting is scary looking

I might have the ugliest and least readable handwriting of the world 😛 My boyfriend always makes fun of me and says I write like a twelve year old boy… ha ha.


3) I have more guy friends than girlfriends

Unfortunautely this fact is true but I really have more male friends than female friends. Although I’m really close with the few girlfriends of mine. For instance my BFF is one of the most incredible girls I’ve ever met 🙂 Unfortunately I’ve experienced many bad things with girls so I’m a bit more careful with them compared to how I’m with guys.


4) I’m a series junkie

In my free time (sometimes also while I work), I love watching US series. I’m extremely excited each time I discover a new good one. At the moment my favorite series are: Revenge, Walking Death, Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl. What are your favorite series?

5) I’m a very economical person

It used to be the opposite but since I make my own money I’m extremely economical. I always think 10 times before I buy something and always look for discount codes in order to save some money 😀

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6) I’m crazy about Hawaii

No place makes me as happy as Hawaii does. My biggest dream is living and working there one day. If I was single I’d already live there (my boyfriend doesn’t like to hear this)… ha ha.

7) I have a younger brother

His name is Ben and we have a great relationship now. When we were younger we would argue so much that sparks would fly but today we get along really well.

8) I’m not a big party queen

I prefer having a cozy evening at home with friends instead of partying in a club. Of course I go out sometimes too. But I still prefer meeting my friends in a nice restaurant or at home and cooking together and just having a relaxed evening 🙂

9) My second job choice would have been detective

If I hadn’t passed the pilot test I would have become a detective. I love series such as Criminal Minds or Medical Detectives and I could definitely imagine to work for CSI or so.

10) I’m a workaholic

This fact is unfortunately true. I always need to be occupied and I cannot stand having nothing to do 😛


11) Ich wanna have my own dog

Since I’ve been a little child I’ve always wanted to have my own dog. Hopefully my dream will come true one day.

12) Ich always cry when movies get really sad

Most of the times I try to suppress it but when there are really good and sad movies some tears will definitely flow 😛 Movies where I had to cry are for instance “Bucket List”, “Marley & Me” or “Life is beautiful”.


13) I cannot eat normal

It surprises me myself that after I eat the table always looks like a true battlefield 😛 Somehow I just cannot eat normal 😛 Haha


14) I used to have jug ears

For that reason me (or rather my parents) decided to give me a plastic surgery which I’ve never regretted.

15) Ich absolutely cannot sing

My voice is really horrible 😛 I really would love to have a nice voice but that wasn’t given to me… ha ha.

16) I’m a teamplayer

I really love working with talented and ambitious people. It motivates me to work even harder.

17) I’d be the worst model ever

I already had a few shooting but it is really difficult for me posing in front of the camera. I’m also a super impatient person so I’d be the worst model ever 😛

18) I believe in reincarnation

I’m a cristian and rebirth normally belongs to buddhism but I still believe in it. Call me crazy 😛

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19) I could never travel by myself

Many travel bloggers write about how great it is to travel solo. Nevertheless, I could never do it. I would just hate not being able to share so many wonderful moments with somebody.


20) I’ve lived many years in the US

I lived 1 1/2 Jahre in New York, half a year in Los Angeles, one year in Texas and half a year in Arizona during my flight training. Would you be interested in me talking about New York or my High School year in Texas in a detailed blog post or making a video about it?

Find even more Random Facts About Me here:

All of my videos have English subtitles! You just need to turn them on → lower right corner via [CC].

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