New island Maafushivaru & Underwater Pics – Maldives Travel Diary Day 7 & 8

New island Maafushivaru & Underwater Pics – Maldives Travel Diary Day 7 & 8

Hi lovelies,

today I’m writing to you from a new island. We just arrived at Maafushivaru and have already fallen in love with the island. The people here are great (no snobs), there are many options to go diving or snorkling (including sharks, mantas, turtles, wale sharks etc.), the food here is amazing and the whole atmosphere on the island (or rather two island, which I will tell you more about later) is wonderful 🙂


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Yesterday we spent the day at Velassaru. Unfortunately we haven’t been so lucky with the weather all three days on Velassaru which is unfortunate as the island is really beautiful. But of course the colors are the most vibrant when the sun is shining.

IMG_7310 (1) IMG_7313 IMG_7314 IMG_7317 IMG_7318 IMG_7322

This morning shortly before our departure we saw blue skies and lots of sunshine. It was the first time where you saw the real beauty of the island.

IMG_3915 IMG_3916 IMG_3928 IMG_3930 IMG_3931 IMG_3933 IMG_3934

Of course we had a nice breakfast at Velassaru before our flight 🙂

Unterwasser 001 (2) Unterwasser 002 Unterwasser 003 Unterwasser 004 (1) Unterwasser 005 Unterwasser 006 Unterwasser 007 Unterwasser 008 Unterwasser 009 Unterwasser 010

We still tried to make the best of our last day on Velassaru and went snorkling and diving. Here you can see our pics. We shot them right in front of our water villa.

Maafushivaru 001

Monday after breakfast we left by seaplane to Maafushivaru.

Empfang 001 Empfang 002

This is how we were welcomed by the hotel 🙂 So cute!

IMG_7925 IMG_7930

Instead of a water villa like on the last two islands we are staying in a pool villa this time. This is almost better as it is also located directly by the beach.


Have a look at this infinity pool 😀

Maafushivaru 003 Maafushivaru 004 Maafushivaru 005 Maafushivaru 005a Maafushivaru 006IMG_4038 Maafushivaru 009a

In love with Maafushivaru!


For dinner on our first night we had amazing Japanese food together with the Austrian hotel manager and his wife. Both are wonderful people and we had a great time while enjoying sushi and the best beef ever!

IMG_4042 (1)

Maafushivaru consists of two islands: One is the hotel island and the other one is a private island. Tomorrow evening we will even spend a night on the private island. It doesn’t get more romantic than that… haha 😀 Of course I will take you with us for a bit 😉




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