Blues & Whites – Maldives Outfit of the Day Post

Blues & Whites – Maldives Outfit of the Day Post

Hi lovelies,

here is my first fashion post from the Maldives. Unfortunately the weather still hasn’t been so great today. Hence, we took advantage of it and shot my outfit of the day for you guys.

In my opinion the Maldives stand for the colors blue and white. Blue because of the ocean and white because of the white clothes many Maldivians wear. Therefore, today’s outfit of the day has been inspired by the Maldives.


I ordered my Jumpsuit from Revolve Clothing shortly before leaving for the Maldives. I really like their clothes. And I love jumpsuits. Especially on windy days like today they are so convenient as you don’t need to be afraid they are blown away like a tiny dress would be 😛 Besides that I think they look stylish either with high heels or with flat shoes (or barefoot like in my case).

Do you also wear jumpsuits? And how do you like my outfit of the day?

Let me know if you wanna see more “outfit of the day” posts from me 🙂

Lots of love from the Maldives


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Outfit Details

| Jumpsuit: Revolve Clothing |

| Blaue High Heels |

| Handtasche: Louis Vuitton |

| Sonnenbrille: Ray Ban |

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