Central Park, New Hotel & Weekend-Brunch – NYC Travel Diary Day 9

Central Park, New Hotel & Weekend-Brunch – NYC Travel Diary Day 9

Unfortunately our time in NYC is coming to an end 🙁 Monday evening Xenia and I will fly back to Germany. That’s why we will definitely take full advantage of our last days here in New York.

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Since yesterday we have been staying in a new hotel: Hotel Elysée between Park Avenue and Fifth Avenue in New York. Hence, we are located on the East Side of Manhattan this time. Hotel Elysée is a really beautiful hotel! It’s very classy and you feel like in a New York movie 50 years ago. A full hotel review will follow 🙂


This morning we had the pleasure to be invited for brunch at Park Avenue Tavern. Like mentioned before I’m a huge Brunch lover. So I was especially excited about this invitation 🙂

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Because Xenia likes is savoury in the morning, and I like it sweet we decided to order 4 different dishes: two savoury ones and two sweet ones. We decided to go for the Acai Bowl, the Eggs Benedict, the Buttermilk Pancakes and the Quiche.


Our meal choices were perfect. I don’t think I’ve ever had such an amazing brunch.


New York always offers a great opportunity for me to see good friends of mine again. Nothing is better than recognizing that the relationship to the people you love is still the same, even though you haven’t seen each other for many years 🙂

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This afternoon I walked around Central Park with good friends of mine. Again I had to realize that even though I used to live in New York for 1 1/2 years there are still beautiful places that I haven’t explored yet.


When we walked around Central Park we even saw a wedding there. The bride looked stunning. I’m glad the weather was nice too today.


While in New York you certainly need to try out a real NYC pretzel. It was even my first time 😀 Although I need to admit that they are not nearly as good as the ones we have in Bavaria 😛

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Geeez… I really love Central Park. Especially during fall time it is simply stunning!

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Because our new hotel is located on the East Side of Manhattan, we took this as an opportunity to explore the East Side a bit better. On our way home from brunch we walked by Grand Central Terminal. Because Xenia has never been there we had to make a short stop there. Grand Central Terminal is really like you see it in the movies so you shouldn’t miss out on visiting it.

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The whole East Side of Manhattan is wonderful. Being a huge Gossip Girl fan of course I had to stop by Waldorf Astoria 😀 Blair Waldorf says hi 😉

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Overwhelmed by this wonderful day and sad at the same time because we now only have 1 1/2 days left, I’m super excited about my next stop: In less than 2 weeks I will fly to Maldives. And I cannot wait to blog live for you guys from there 🙂

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Wishing you a wonderful day!



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