Abs Home Workout

Abs Home Workout

On YouTube you can already find a Home Workout Video of mine with many cool exercises:

All of my videos have English subtitles! You just need to turn them on → lower right corner via [CC].

Now I’m going to explain all of the exercises to you in more detail.

If you do these workouts regularly (best at least 5 times a week), you will see results shortly. And you will definitely feel them during the exercises 😀

Try to always do 3 sets with each 15 or 20 reps. Best to start out with 15 reps and push yourself to do 20 reps later.

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1)    Crunches
This exercise is the classical workout for abs, which you shouldn’t miss.
Lean back, bend your legs, pull your arms to the front and go back and forth with your upper body. Try to look up while doing this workout.

2)    Side Crunches
This exercise is great for your side abs.
Lean back, bend your legs, take your hands together and go back and forth to each side. Try to hold your hands up a few seconds before going back.
Advanced level: Hold your legs up in a 90° angle.

3)    Leg Lifts
This is a great workout for your lower abs, the ones that we don’t train much in our daily life.
Lean back, make your legs long and lift your legs slowly up and down.

4)    Side Workout
This is another great workout for your side abs.
Lean back to the side, support yourself with your upper arm, try to make your legs really long and hold your body up. Try to hold this exercise for approx. 15 seconds.
Advanced level: Hold your upper hand up in your waist.

5)    Plank
This is the „meanest“ of all exercies, where you will need your whole body weight. Therefore, it also trains your whole body and it’s super effective.
Lay yourself on your tummy, hold yourself up with your ellbows and toe tips and try to hold this position for as long as you can.
Make sure your back is not over bented.


Have lots of fun with these workouts ☺



P.s: Let me know about your progress.

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