My Top Ten Destinations

My Top Ten Destinations

I get asked quite a lot which are my favorite travel destinations and which places I can recommend.

On YouTube you can already find two videos of mine where I’m talking about my Top Ten Destinations:

All of my videos have English subtitles! You just need to turn them on → lower right corner via [CC].

However, my order has changed slightly since the videos have gone live. Therefore, you can find my current Top Ten Destinations here:

10) Los Angeles

Los Angeles

I have many friends in LA and spent my semester abroad at the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles. It was an amazing experience.

9) Thailand


After having fallen in love with the beach in my favorite movie „The Beach“ I visited Phuket, Thailand with a good girlfriend of mine. It was true paradise.

8) Barcelona, Spain


Because of the amazing food, the cool people and the wonderful city center, Barcelona has become my favorite city in Europe.

7) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro

Many people claim Rio de Janeiro isn’t a safe place to visit. However, I’ve experienced the complete opposite. To me Rio is a very safe and beautiful city.

6) Kapstadt, South Africa


Because of Camps Bay and the beautiful landscape Cape Town has become one of my Top Ten Destinations.

5) Sardinia, Italy


Just a few months ago I visited Sardinia because my boyfriend had a few layovers there. I immediately fell in love with the gorgeous blue water in Sardinia.

4) Santorini, Greece


One year ago I was lucky to spend my vacation in Santorini. Since then I still dream about this magical place quite frequently.

3) New York City

New York

Before starting my flight training I was lucky to live 1 ½ years in New York City. Since then NYC is my favorite city in the world. I’m excited to visit it again next week.

2) Maldives


I’ve never seen such a beautiful water like on the Maldives. So happy to be back there in November.

1) Hawaii


A few months ago I visited Hawaii again, which was already my fourth time. Hawaii always has been and still is my favorite destination and I hope to be able to call Hawaii home one day ☺

What are your favorite destinations? And about which destination would you like me to give you some detailed travel tips?



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